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Class 2 Mobility Scooters- All You Need To Know

Within the United Kingdom as our population continues to age and live longer , there has been a higher demand for support such as mobility aids like the mobility scooter. The mobility scooter is a mobility aid that is used by people with disabilities or issues walking distances and the elderly. There are a number of different forms of mobility scooters available on the market. We are going to focus on class 2 mobility scooters in this article.

An Introduction To Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters were first invented in 1968. An american plumber designed and built the first ever mobility scooter as a project after becoming frustrated with the lack of mobility aids available for his family members. The mobility scooter quickly become popular and began to spread. To this date millions of mobility scooters have been sold world wide. As previously mentioned there are a number of different variants of mobility scooters available to buy on the market. Class 2 mobility scooters can only be used to cross roads or drive on pavements. These particular forms of mobility scooter are slightly smaller than class three mobility scooters. Furthermore they are also restricted in their speed to around 4 mph. These types of scooters are typically smaller and lightweight meaning they are much easier to transport in a car or put in storage.

Class Three v Class 2 Mobility Scooters

Both class 2 and class three mobility scooters have very different sizes and benefits. One of the main benefits of class 2 scooters over class three scooters is that they are much easier to fold and store. This is not as easy with class three scooters as they are bulkier and not as easy to fold away and store. One of the benefits of a class three mobility scooter over a class two is that it can do 8 mph rather than 4mph allowing for quicker journeys. In addition to this class three scooters can drive on roads whereas class two cannot.

Public Perception Of Mobility Scooters

Generally the perception of mobility scooters is positive. However in some cases it has been portrayed as a mobility aid for those who are lazy or obese. For example some gated communities in America provide golf carts and mobility scooters simply to travel around the area without any real pretence to support those who are disabled. Mobility scooters are also seen as being fairly expensive with some entry level models coming in at just shy of £1000. However the benefits and independence that they can bring to people with mobility difficulties cannot be underestimated.


Overall it can be concluded that mobility scooters , in particular class 2 mobility scooters have had a positive impact for the elderly and disabled communities. The mobility scooter adds Independence to peoples lives and has proven to be an invaluable tool for many across the world. In the future we are likely to see further innovations in the mobility scooter market. The future is looking bright for mobility scooters.

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